August 5, 2022

Digisoft IT: Our Value Proposition: Dealing with an experienced cabling IT company


Not only do we have 11+ years of experience in the IT industry, we have 11+ years of experience in network cabling. Over the last decade we have completed hundreds of network cabling installations. There are a great deal of pretty structured cables in the state of Texas with our name on it. How do we do it?

  • Onsite System Design

Design a layout plan for your entire system and cable runways before installation to help reduce costly mistakes.

  • Top Quality Installations
    Digisoft IT is committed to delivering the highest quality installation with the appropriate skilled technicians and equipment to complete any difficult job. We will deliver a stable and reliable network infrastructure.
  • Multiple Network System Experience

We have experience on all network systems: wireless, security, and access. We can run multiple systems within a single network, reducing operational costs and design. We will set you up to an easy system upgrade expansion to assure business growth.

  • Fair Market Cost

Digisoft IT does not use third party network cabling companies. We guarantee a competitive and fair cost. There will be no hidden fees during our pricing proposal meeting. All pricing proposals disclose all material and labor costs.

  • Cabling Solutions

Network cabling assessment plans include: *Cat5/Cat6/Fiber Optics/CCTV Wiring/Access Control Cabling.
Our IT Platform was designed with core industry-security standard practices and we enforce strict policies to protect and help manage your infrastructure, at all times. When you invest in our IT Management service, you have confidence and certainty that your IT Infrastructure is operating effective, efficiently and secure; as it should be. We can assure you, we will exceed your expectations.

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