IT Relocation

IT Consultation & Relocation

Plan your move, move the plan and we will prepare your new facility and help close the old one

IT Project Moving Management and Consultation

Digisoft IT offers a safe and secure office IT relocation services. We will manage all your IT Technology aspects of your office move including your data relocation. Fully skilled IT Technicians will help address any technology relocation issues, before your actual move out date and execute your entire IT physical move. We understand that downtime means a negative impact of business revenue for your business, so we ensure our clients a minimum business impact experience during your move and we will work diligently to minimize the risk of down time and a safe move migration.

We Support All Your Technology Relocation Needs; No Matter What System You Use.

.Led by a team of IT experts and engineering staff, our people are always committed to ensuring that our clients have a positive and flawless relocation experience. We will plan every detail of your project move and we ensure to keep downtime to a minimum. We will supervise and monitor every stage of your project move until completion. Once your relocation is complete, we will assign a dedicated IT Help Desk mover to help with any post move questions.

Controlled System Shutdown

Includes your entire IT infrastructure; includes the following…servers, storage, UPS, backups, switches, routers, firewalls, and workstations.

IT Infrastructure Disconnection and Reconnection

All work is performed onsite during or after business hours, whatever best suits your business needs; with the goal of not interrupting your business.

Vendor Management

With an authorized Letter of Agency (LOA), we will help coordinate all vendor relations to help coordinate all critical moving IT aspects of your business, including management of upgrades, selecting a new Internet Service Provider (ISP), Cabling for data & voice and copier services.

Data Reliability and Continuity Operations

Jointly we will determine the best uptime plan to ensure minimum to none, business impact on your staff and your customers. We will complete all data backup and validation using client-provided backup systems, assurance of application integrity, network refresh, and a full relocation security audit.

Relocation and Consultation Services

Our IT Consultants and IT experts will coordinate all planning and timing strategies of your move. We will work together with our IT Technicians and conduct a facilities planning: line drops; server room configuration and arrangement; power considerations; HVAC requirements; infrastructure hosting and testing.

Cable Management and Structured Cabling – Good cabling will optimize system performance

Need a professional structured network cabling for your existing or new facility?
Digisoft IT can help. Call us today for a free cabling assessment.

  • Dealing with an experienced cabling IT company

    Not only do we have 11 plus years of experience in the IT industry, but we have 11 plus years of experience in network cabling. Over the last decade we have done hundreds of network cabling installations. Lots of pretty structured cables in the state of Texas with our name on it.

  • Onsite System Design

    Design a layout plan for your entire system and cable runways before installation to help reduce costly mistakes.

  • Top Quality Installations

    Digisoft IT is committed to delivering the highest quality installation with the appropriate skilled technicians and equipment to complete any difficult job. We will deliver a stable and reliable network infrastructure.

  • Multiple Network System Experience

    We have experience on all network systems. Wireless, security, access. We can run multiple systems with one single network, reducing operational costs and design. We will set you up to an easy system upgrade expansion to assure business growth.

  • Fair Market Cost

    Digisoft IT does not use third party network cabling companies. We guarantee a competitive and fair cost. There will be no hidden fees during our pricing proposal meeting. All pricing proposals disclose all material and labor costs.

  • Cabling Solutions

    Network cabling assessment plan. Include: *Cat5/Cat6/Fiber Optics/CCTV Wiring/Access Control Cabling.

We pride ourselves on structured network cabling.

Let’s make your cables a conversational piece.