Network Management

Network Management

Our engineers provide consultation, planning and implementation

Manage Your Network With Ease

At Digisoft IT we manage our client’s entire network and infrastructure. We provide on-site assessments and manage clients in the Dallas, Fort Worth region and throughout the Lone Star State. Our engineers provide consultation, planning and implementation. Consulting and support for LANs (local-area networks), WANs (wide-area networks), CANs (campus-area networks), MANs (metropolitan-area networks) and HANs (home-area networks). We analyze and verify that our client’s computer systems are linked effectively together, to optimize their network. During this process we help maintain the best possible security and firewall protection.

Support, 24/7 – 7 Days a Week – 365 days a year

Our expert IT technicians and engineers are always available 27/7 – 7 days a week – 365 days a year. We keep our commitment; not just a cheesy slogan.

Firewall Management

Digisoft IT clients receive regular security audits/assessments to identify any vulnerabilities in your IT network before they are compromised. Security support and checks include firewall management, antivirus and spam filtering.

Digisoft IT Consultation – Start Your Business Transformation

We provide our Texas prospects a with a free one-hour IT infrastructure analysis of your future or current infrastructure in order to make the proper assessment on what products and services benefits will have the highest return of investment. Understanding where your business is in the IT stage cycle allows us to prepare a solution to ensure your network is secure.

IT Strategy

Technology continues to help companies evolve and grow their business. We help clients that are embarking on major growth or change that is driven heavily through technology. We identify the optimal future state of your IT infrastructure and streamline your business, employees and customer needs We help implement the ideal IT blueprint for your business.

IT Performance Improvement

An underperforming IT environment will negatively start to impact your overall business performance. Our IT consultants will work jointly with you and your key performance vendors to address your IT efficiency issues and in the process we will attempt to reduce costs, without jeopardizing IT improvement and quality performance.

IT Merger Acquisition Preparation (M&A)

Technology-related M&A strategies are key and a huge influence to successful mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Unfortunately, too often they are overlooked during the premature stages of M&A, causing signification issues in the future. We help companies avoid those issues; we plan and manage the changes in their systems to accommodate changes in a new and unknown business structure.

IT Project Effectiveness

Our number one goal with all our clients is to help maximize your overall business results from all technology initiatives, including employee workstations. We help executives evaluate their investment and set up projects that will equate to business success or spearhead a current project on the right path, to ensure value and ROI.

Rebooting Old IT

In today’s IT modern era, several companies face a mismatch when it comes to their current infrastructure or the ability of their IT resource to interconnect with new technology to help increase customer expectations and growth. Our IT experts will help companies transform legacy IT to merge in a digital environment using proprietary benchmarks, diagnostics and a detailed and tested environment approach that will help transform your existing IT operations model to a whole new level.

Over a Decade of IT Experience

We bring a full IT range of experience and true IT experts to all our clients. We help companies evaluate their specific business needs and current situation. Our abilities include; strategic planning, cloud and operating model challenges, business architecture development, big data analysis, IT sourcing and procurement, internal IT organization and IT governance and compliance.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Practices

Do you have all your DR and Business Continuity in place? A good strategical business continuity plan will keep your company up and running through interruptions of any kind: power failures, IT system crashes, natural disasters, supply chain problems and more

  • System Failures and Outages
  • System Crashes
  • Unexpected Growth or Downsizing of Systems
  • Data Back-up Solutions
  • Catastrophic Events Such as Earthquake, Tornado or Hurricane
  • Hardware and Software Malfunctions
  • Planned Preventative Measures
  • Migration of Data Loss

Let us help you and your company evaluate your business continuity; the first hour is on us. To schedule an appointment or learn more about our DR/continuity service, please call, email or chat live with one of our IT experts today.